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**Providing Telehealth to families throughout Virginia & Florida

Dr. Carrie teaches effective, evidence-based behavioral interventions within the comfort of your own home.  PCIT (Parent-Child Interaction Therapy), HOT DOCS program, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and other research supported positive behavior interventions are the primary basis of these interventions, with services individualized to meet you and your child's needs. 

  • All services for individual families start with an intake session (approx 2 hours).  Follow-up sessions are typically 1 hour.

  • Sessions aim to support you in successfully implementing interventions in your home and in the community (parks, store, etc.) in order to reach your child's positive behavior goals.

  • Consultation sessions with Dr. Carrie & your child's teacher, daycare provider, etc. are also available.  Typically, families request these consultation sessions once they experience success at home & aim to generalize the interventions to the school or daycare setting.  

  • Consultations with other pediatric service providers can also be provided (pediatrician, speech therapist, etc.).

Other services include:

  • Attending school meetings as an advocate for your child & family.

  • Providing information sessions to community groups and agencies. 

  • Training groups of early childhood intervention providers (therapists, social workers, counselors, Speech/OT/PT, etc.) in the HOT DOCS curriculum. 

Other information:

  • No diagnosis is required for services.

  • Insurance is NOT accepted at this time (payments accepted include credit card, HSA/FSA).  Superbills can be requested for clients to self-submit to their insurance for possible Out-of-Network (OON) services reimbursement.

Behavioral & Mental Health Intervention Sessions

   *currently provided through video

  • For families with children 18 months to 7 years old, parents/caregivers are taught how to use interventions through education, modeling, & coaching. The focus of sessions is primarily working with the adult, and the child participates in parts of the sessions.

  • For children ~7-12 years old, sessions involve both the child and at least one parents as primary participants.

  • Number of sessions needed to reach goals varies by family

  • Preliminary Intake Session includes getting to know your family; collecting information (observations, discussion, questionnaires) to inform treatment goals & interventions; setting goals; deciding together on an intervention plan; and initial intervention coaching.  This initial session (approx 2 hours) is $300

  • Additional sessions are 1 hour and cost $150 per session

School or Community Advocacy

If you are looking for a licensed expert to advocate for your child's needs in daycare, school, pediatrician's office, or other community locations - then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Dr. Carrie guides her clients through every step of the process and advocates for what your child needs to be successful in each environment.  This process involves:

  • A review of any assessments and relevant data about your child.  

  • An individual session (2 hours) with you to review the findings, discuss your child's needs within the community setting, and establish and prioritize goals for the meeting

  • Attendance at a meeting (up to 2 hours) with the school, daycare or other community agency with the child's parent or guardian

Cost for this service is $500 (additional meeting time can be added for $75 per 30 mins)​

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