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Evidence-based Interventions

The use of evidence-based interventions (EBI's) is important in helping you and your child reach the positive behavior goals you have established.  EBI's have a history of successfully helping children improve their behavior and enhance their overall health and well-being, while also decreasing parental stress.  Dr. Carrie primarily uses the following therapies and interventions:

Kids Blowing Bubbles
  • PCIT (Parent Child Interaction Therapy)

    • Key aspects of PCIT include:​

      • Coaching model program with 30 years of research to support effectiveness to address challenging behaviors

      • Includes 2 phases (CDI, PDI): Most families need 12-20 sessions to complete both phases 

      • For more information on PCIT, please click here: PCIT

  • HOT DOCS (Helping Our Toddlers, Developing Our Children's Skills)

    • Key aspects of HOT DOCS include:​

      • Utilizes a problem-solving model to determine the function of behavior and implement developmentally appropriate interventions that address the function

      • Can be taught to individual families or as a class to groups of parents, caregivers, and early intervention providers

    • For more information on HOT DOCS, please click here: HOT DOCS

  • CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral ​Therapy)

    • Key aspects include:​

      • Modeling, coaching, and supporting clients to learn & utilize various cognitive & behavioral strategies to address anxiety, worry, stress, and other challenges

      • Children & parents/caregivers learn these strategies together so that families can support generalization of skills outside of the session

Given that every child is unique, Dr. Carrie's more than 20 years of experience helping children and families will be integrated into your family's intervention plan in order to best meet the individual needs of your child.  Other evidence-based interventions from across cognitive-behavior, behavioral, positive behavior, and pediatrics research and practice may be utilized.  

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