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What are pediatric behavioral interventions?

Interventions to address challenging behaviors in children from a pediatric health perspective.  The goal is to promote your child's overall health and development through evidence-based methods that teach positive behaviors.  

These interventions are appropriate for:

  • ALL children.  Whether a child is following typical development, has significant developmental delays and/or health needs, or falls anywhere in between, pediatric behavioral interventions can help!

    • Dr. Carrie is currently serving families with children  18 months through 12 years old​ (in VA and FL). See services page for more info.

  • Children engaging in undesired or challenging behaviors, such as:

    • Difficulty following directions

    • Tantrums, hitting, throwing objects

    • Anxiety & excessive worry

    • Talking back, sassing, whining

    • Sleep & bedtime challenges

    • Lack of focus

    • Using inappropriate behaviors to communicate rather than words (including language delays)

    • Difficulty completing schoolwork/homework 

Research supports that children best learn new skills and behaviors when parents/guardians are involved.  Therefore, sessions involve both the child and a parent or guardian​.

Providing telehealth (video) sessions since 2018

"Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.."

Maria Montessori

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